Seguro Projects, in conjunction with John Bot, has created an exceptional opportunity by putting together a one-of-a-kind assemblage of advanced properties covering approximately 2700 hectares (the ChurchKey Properties) in northern BC.


For promotional and financing purposes, strong points applicable to the ChurchKey Properties include:

+ covers all four high-grade copper targets in the area that have actual resources
   (Key, Magnum, Lady Luck, Fort Reliance). All four have significant exploration potential.

+ KEY has over $20M worth of underground development relevant to future mining

+ covers significant areas of and access to potential flat-lying targets

+ bypasses Muncho Provincial Park, thereby providing a preferred access route to the Alaska Highway

+ ties all properties together in a contiguous group for efficient application of assessment work


As 2019 begins, we are currently working on a mutually advantageous purchase option agreement with a TSXV-listed company.  Good news for BC exploration and mining!


(formerly Davis-Keays) : ready to be one of BC's next mines. 
+ Dated feasibility study with over 100,000,000 lbs of Cu, averaging 3.55%. 
+ Over 5300 meters of underground development.
+ Current technical report

(partially mined by Churchill Copper, averaged 3+%)
+ Similar size to KEY. Known amount of copper remaining: over 90,000 ton @ 3+%.

Significantly under-explored.
Indications of 75,000+ tons of 3.5% copper.

+ Over 90,000 tons of 4.5% copper.  Under-explored.